One of the greatest fears of pet owners is losing a pet. Every year thousands of pets go missing from their loved ones, and far too often they are unable to be properly returned to their owners. One way to ensure that your pet would be returned to you in an event such as this would be to have your pet microchipped. We are proud to offer microchipping services that are safe and quick. It is a standard procedure that inserts a microscopic chip embedded with a unique number that is registered with your contact information, right under the skin of your pet. Should your pet get lost, any veterinarian or shelter can scan his microchip and retrieve the proper information to contact you. It is standard protocol for veterinarians and shelters to check if an animal is microchipped before treating it, which also helps protect your pet from being stolen. We encourage all pet owners to consider this simple, safe way to prevent the heartache of losing a pet.

Microchip your pet today and give yourself a peace of mind knowing that your pet has all the proper information to be returned home should he get lost. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (252) 243-6252.