Flo, Receptionist & Office Manager

With her charm and beauty, Flo keeps our staff in line, greets all pet owners and pets warmly but admits she avoids close encounters with our canine clients. Her job duties include sleeping on the computer and watching birds and squirrels from the clinic window. Flo attended Meow University and received her master’s degree in human relations. She has always worked in an animal related field, and enjoys her 20 human pets here at Brentwood Veterinary Center. Her favorite hobbies include playing with a laser and making humans fill her food bowl.

Heather Finch, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist/Bookkeeper

Heather joined our staff in June 2009. She has since earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business Management from North Carolina State University. Heather assists the veterinarians, greets clients, performs laboratory tests, collects and prepares samples, administers treatments, processes and develops x-rays, and schedules appointments. When not assisting clients or veterinarians Heather handles accounts payable and accounts receivable for the clinic as well as the social media accounts. “I like working at Brentwood Veterinary Center because of the friendly interactions between coworkers,” she says. “It feels as if we are one big family and even though we enjoy joking with one another, we all take our jobs very seriously.” When not working, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, Daniel, their two cats, Charley and Kat, as well as their Australian Shepherd, Addie. She also enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with friends.

Carolyn Shelton, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Having worked in the animal field since 1970, Carolyn contributes a great deal of experience and knowledge to our Brentwood Veterinary Center clients. Carolyn assists the veterinarians, answers phone calls and interacts with clients on a regular basis. She has been working at Brentwood Veterinary Center since 1982. At home, Carolyn enjoys the company of her dog, Chopper, and her two cats, Orey and Ozzy. She likes to bake and tend to her vegetable garden.

Jessica Snyder, Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

With her positive work attitude and her natural compassion for both clients and pets, Jessica has many responsibilities including checking clients in and out of the hospital, assisting veterinarians, scheduling appointments and answering the phone. She truly enjoys interacting with clients and patients and her pleasant personality positively affects all who enter our clinic. Jessica joined our staff in August 2001. She has since earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Birth to Kindergarten from Western Carolina University. “I like that Brentwood Veterinary Center provides a smaller setting than most veterinary hospitals,” she said. “As a result, we offer a more personal relationship among pet owners, patients and ourselves.” At home, Jessica has three dogs and a cat. She enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Jennifer S., Receptionist

Jennifer joined the team at Brentwood Veterinary Center in April of 2015, but she’s been employed in animal-related positions for over 17 years. Her duties include providing great customer service, checking clients in and out in a timely manner, and answering clients’ questions. She most enjoys the opportunities her position affords her to meet people and their pets every day. At home, Jennifer enjoys shooting her gun, going to the beach, and snowboarding. She cares for her two Pitbulls named Gotti and Onyx along with her two cats, Killian and Church.

Krissy Williams, Veterinary Assistant

Krissy has been a veterinary assistant at our animal hospital since November of 2014, and her job responsibilities include assisting veterinarians in exam rooms, surgery and treatment, collection of samples, setting samples up, getting results, and maintaining care for hospitalized and boarding pets alike. She is certified as a veterinary assistant, and has over 12 years of experience in animal-related positions. “I love working at Brentwood because of the wonderful doctors and coworkers I have, as well as the care we provide to clients and their pets,” Krissy says. At home, Krissy cares for two dogs and she enjoys spending her free time with her husband, their son and their pets.

Jada Aycock, Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Jada joined Brentwood’s staff in July of 2014 and became a Certified Veterinary Assistant in 2015. Her responsibilities include assisting our veterinarians with various medical procedures using proper restraint, assisting in surgical procedures, collecting and preparing samples, administering treatments, performing laboratory tests, processing/developing x-rays, as well as performing routine dental cleanings. When not assisting the veterinarians Jada schedules appointments, restocks inventory, greets clients and places food orders for the hospital. “I’ve always had a desire to work with animals growing up. I grew up on a farm so nurturing animals is what I’ve always known. I enjoy my job at Brentwood because I get to share what I know about veterinary medicine with others and taking care of our patients is always my number one priority at BVC.” At home, Jada cares for her three Dalmatians named Colt (pictured to the right), Dottie, and Ace. She enjoys spending her free time with her dogs, but also enjoys deer and duck hunting. She also enjoys spending time outdoors with her fiance and going to the beach with family and friends.

Sabrina Wilson, Veterinary Assistant

Sabrina is a veterinary assistant at Brentwood Veterinary Center. Since joining our staff in February of 2014, Sabrina’s job responsibilities have included laboratory work, radiology, drawing blood, caring for hospitalized pets, and assisting veterinarians. Sabrina has over 16 years of experience in animal-related positions, and most enjoys the chances she gets to be involved with diagnostic work and assisting the veterinarians. At home, Sabrina cares for four dogs, two horses, and three cats. In her free time Sabrina enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Haley Carter, Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Haley joined the team at Brentwood Veterinary Center in April of 2016, bringing three years of experience in the animal care field to the position. Her responsibilities include checking clients in and out, scheduling appointments and answering the phone. “Brentwood Veterinary Center has a very nice environment,” says Haley. “Everyone is very friendly and helpful.” Haley has a chocolate lab named Jackson and fawn pug named Pebbles. She enjoys going to the beach and taking her dogs for walks in her spare time.

Mariah White, Kennel Care Coordinator & Bather

Bio coming soon!

Mackenzie Coley, Veterinary Assistant & Bather

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